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Toupet Capelli :

Toupets, of real or synthetic hair, are very fashionable accessories that serve to strengthen our hair, to give volume to the hair, to create particularly elaborate hairsprays that would need a lot of hair to be made. The hair you use for the toupet can be of Indian/Eastern or European origin. The European hair is the most valuable but it is difficult to find, so the waiting times to have toupet for hair of this type are longer. The quality of the hair toupet is determined primarily by the waist that had the hair until the time it is cut to be sold or donated. To simplify we can say that there are different types of hair: Standard or collection: hair to which cuticles are usually removed as you are not sure of the root-tip; Remy: hair in which we are sure that the root-tip direction is the same, have a better quality than the standard hair. In this case the cuticles should be present in the toupet - hair, but could be damaged due to treatments done before donating the hair, for example bleaching or permanent; Remy with cuticles: hair in which the cuticles have been kept, which have a protective function and avoid tangling. Usually the hair at the origin is virgin and is only processed to get the desired color. The prices of a hair toupet change and depend on the quality, length, amount of hair used etc.

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